LED Open Sign 14" x 22"

LS72014 LED OPEN SIGN 14x22

LS72014 LED OPEN SIGN 14x22

22 x 14 Oval LED Open Sign
**You May Mix The LED Signs to Reach Level Pricing**

  • Flashing/Solid
  • Multi Colored
  • 124 LED Lights
  • Dial Control
  • 22" x 14"

  •     Large LED open sign, this sign has 124 individual led lights.  It has a stop motion dial, which allows you to change from flashing to solid.  It also has an on off switch so it does not need to be unpluged.  It comes with a chain installed on the back so it can be hung easily.  This is not battery operated it is designed to be plugged in, the power cord is
    48" long and dual pronged.

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