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Traditionally on wholesale merchant orders, shipping has been 15% or less of the total order.
However, due to recent fuel charge increases variables do exist.  Usually the more something weighs the less it is per pound to ship.  However, large heavy items and oversized boxes can cost up to 30% plus depending on location.
Los Angeles to A business address in Port Lavaca, Texas, insured for $100, shipping would be
1 lb.
3 lbs.
6 lbs.
10 lbs
15 lbs
20 lbs.
40 lbs.
Example: From Los Angeles
To A Manhattan, New York Merchant
Commercial Address Insured For $100
20 Lbs.$18.61 Dated 03/28/2007
40 Lbs.$33.10 Dated 03/28/2007
We do not guarantee delivery times.  Only the carrier guarantees delivery times.
We can only give an estimated delivery based on information supplied by the carrier.
This is based on merchant rates, shipping to a business address, and includes $100.00 insurance.  $200.00/300 insurance is an additional $1.50.
$400 insurance and up is an Additional $.50 per $100 of insured value.
Normally we will charge the additional $1.75 UPS residential delivery charge as if the order was not shipping to a business address, unless we are one hundred percent sure it is going to a commercial address.  UPS has charged us back too many times because the address we were shipping to was not a business address.
Recent Changes, Special Notes On Shipping:
Once a box is dimensionally larger then (18"x18"x16") 5184 Square inches, UPS and Fed X, due to the great increase in fuel charges are charging very high rates on larger size boxes. Example a 10 lb. box with dimensions of 18x18x18 will be charged at a 31lb rate. A 20 lb box with dimensions of 30x18x18 will be charge at a 51lb rate. No Mercy due to the increase in fuel cost.
International Orders: There is a $5.00, per box, customs paperwork processing charge on all International Orders. All prices are Plus Shipping.  A Resale Number is not required to place an Order. All prices are based on American Dollars.

Of Course, UPS or USPS Shipping Charges Are Subject To Change
When They Feel Like Increasing The Rates
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