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A few words from some of our friends.
Subject:  Re: LinkAmerica
From: "Malcolm Xxxxxx'" <>
CC: <>

I bought the V-Pilot copy pants and they are well worth the money. I haven't
"tested" them yet but they actually look like the Heine Gerich with
different furniture (buckles, keepers etc.) which sells for $280 or
so. I paid $76, I think. The gloves were good but I didn't like the
furniture on the gauntlet glove. On the other hand, the self-stored "silk"
raincovers did a great job of keeping the early winter wind chill from shattering
my hands during a ride to see Tony Donisi.

The people (especially James) are sincerely dedicated to customer service
and are pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend them.

Malcolm Xxxxxxx'
85VF1100C "Harlee"
86VF700C "Maggie Mae"  sold but not forgotten
"Hit the damned dog!"
"Happiness is NOT just around the corner. Happinessx IS the corner."
Believe me! The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is
to live dangerously! - Nietzsche

----- Original Message -----
From: "Brice Xxxxx" <xxxxxxx@CCTECH.NET>

> Well, I want to buy a leather jacket to supplement my First Gear suit.
For > when fashion matters.  :)  Anyway, is LinkAmerica still regarded highly
> around here?  I've been offlist for way to long.  As this is old subject
> material, offlist would be great. >

Subject: little confused
From: Bret Xxxxx <>

I'm just sending email to find out exactly how the pricing works.  There may be something I missed on the web page so I was hoping you could help me out.  I was looking at one of your two pice suits and I would just be getting the one, what price would I be looking at? I actually found out about you guys the day that I crashed my bike about 4 months ago.  I was lucky enough to have two navy paramedics riding the mountain that day that helped me out after I crashed.  They both happened to be wearing leather from you guys and they gave me the web address.  The bike is almost back together now and obviously safety is a concern and the quality of your product seemed very high especially for the price. Just thought I would let you know you have some fans out there that give pretty good free advertising.   Anyway thanks for the help.

Subject: Re: Leather Chaps
From:  "Terry Xxxxxxx" <>
To: <>

james monday evenin here in fla 8pm sent my order in! glad yall are in business! :} chowwwwww dude!

Subject: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.
From: "Gil and Cathy Xxxxxx" <>
To: <>

Message=No hate mail here, friends! Got your shipment a few minutes ago. Thanks! The silver
leaf is hard to open, but maybe it'll soften with time & use. FYI~ Ammo of choice for the wrist
rocket ~ softener salt pellets. Wow. What a mess they make! It's great! Thanks again. My son and I
enjoy reading all the goodies on your web site. Yes, ALL the goodies. Glad to know we're not
alone. Catch ya later! Cathy Xxxxxx ~
FormHandler1=Your Ideas Criticisms Suggestions &
Thoughts, Wanted

Subject: Re: >>>GOT IT<<<
From:  "oaktree" <>
To: <>

Hello James,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today.
Thank you very much for the prompt shipment and excellent service! It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Thanks again,

Subject:  Re: recent online order
From:  "David X. Xxx" <>

Hi James,

I am so very impressed by your company and you especially.  You must have many emails
and inquiries to respond to, but you do it promptly and with a "smile".  I had the same
pleasant experience when I ordered from your web site last year.  Keep up the good

If you and/or your family are ever on Maui for business or pleasure, please give me a call
so I can give you a tour of our agricultural research facility.  If you ride motor bikes, we
can go for a tour of the island.

Aloha and Mahalo! DAVE:-)

Subject: Re: >>>GOT IT<<<
Organization:  Nauru Mission


I received the Vengeance jacket today, thank you for your personal attention. You were right, a 46' was the ideal size (I was worried that it would be too big, but it fits perfectly). Excellent quality leather I must say, much better than I expected for the price. I look forward to dealing with you again for the pants. Regards,

X. Pitcher

Subject:  2 pc race leathers
From:  "Garry Xxx Xxxx" <>
To: <>

James, I received my leathers today and when I opened the box my jaw hit the floor! they look better than I had imagined and the fit
was as good as custom. I was really impressed with the quality of the leather and especially the body armor! Truly race ready
leathers at an exceptional price! Good call on the glove size too. I belong to the Utah sport bike association and you can bet that
You will see more business from us. Thanks So much!   Garry

P.S. you have my permission to use this as a testimonial on your web site if you wish..... I will vouch for your quality and exceptional service anytime.

Subject: Re: ....>>>>GOT IT<<<<....
From: "Roy & Linda Xxxxxx" <>
To: "james" <>
References: 1


Subject:  Leather Chaps
From: "T & D Xxxxxxxxx" <>
To: <>


I guess I'm like your other customers who were so surprised when they
finally received their orders.  I'm totaly happy about the quality of the
motorcycle jacket and touring gloves I purchased!  Excellent quality and
style.  But the best part is the killer price.  I just wish you had a few
more ladies jackets.  I'm looking for one for my wife, but she didn't see
one that tripped her trigger.  She'd get one like mine if it came small

It's hard to get a picture on the chaps, as well.  I'm interested in a pair
for me and my wife, but want to make sure and get fairly thick leather.
What's your take on them?



Subject: Received Order
From: Mike Xxxxxxx <>


Received my order today.  What can I say? Followed your directions and the jacket fits like a glove.  Chaps are perfect in the waist, but about a snap too long.  How would you suggest shortening them?  Gloves are great. I've told several people about  our website and was told "Good Luck".  Boy will they be green with envy tomorrow.  Can't say enough about the quality of   your merchandise.  I'm happy!

Mike Xxxxxxx
Antelope, CA

Subject: My order
From: "xxxxxxxx" <>
To: "james" <>

You gave me a fright today James.  I saw this box on my doorstep that said it contained a "Desk Set", as I looked down I spotted your name and thought 'Oh no, they got the order messed up.  when I picked up the box I realized it was a cost-saving container and the leather jeans were inside.  They appear to be of excellent quality and arrived in a timely manner.  I will not hesitate to use your services in the future and will recommend you to my friends.

Best of Luck
Doug Xxxxxxxx

Subject: Order received...

James, just got my order today.  ((Vpilot pants and vengence
jacket))  First, I tried the jacket on.. if you remember I had originally
thought I wanted a sz 46, but at your urging, I ordered a 50 instead.
 Well, I admit I was worried about this, thinking maybe it would be
a little too big.  Silly me, fit is PERFECT!.  Thanks again for taking
the time to make sure I got what I needed, not what I thought I
needed. :)
 One question, though... I ordered a pair of gloves, which I see are
out of stock.  Will they be coming in, or are you through with that
product altogether?  Drop a line and let me know so I know what to
do about getting some gloves.
 Thanks again!  I become even more satisfied with each sucessive
purchase from you!  Best wishes!

Rich Xxxxxxxx

Subject: RE: Tracking info
From: "Shaun Xxxxxx (EXO)" <Sxxxxxx@ConcordiaFreight.Com>
To: "'james'" <>

Hi James,

About ten minutes after I sent you my email requesting tracking information, I received the box that you had shipped off to me. What can I say? I had read all of the reviews on your website. They were all so positive, I could barely believe that they weren't written by you. The truth is, given that this was my first pair of leather pants, I just didn't want to pay $200.00 for something that I might not ever wear. I figured that I could comfortably risk $60.00, and with your easy exchange policy, I could make sure that at least I got something that fit well. I can honestly say that the product beats the hype. I am sold, and like others, feel a bit guilty, thinking that I somehow got shipped an "A" level product that was incorrectly marked at "C" level pricing.  The leather is thick, the stitching heavy, and the lining helps to have the pants slip on and off with ease. Now if the Lord would only cooperate a little bit and let the snow melt, I could get the Harley back on the road where it belongs - a little earlier this year thanks to you guys.

I have had a chance to look at the rest of the site, and want just about one of everything. Can you pack it up and ship it out right away? Just kidding -I know you would, and everything would get here just as fast as the last order did.


S. Xxxxxx

Subject:  jacket
From: "Xxxxx Dragon" <>
To: "james" <>

Hi James,

Love the cruiser jacket,fits great and looks good. Thanks for speedy service and qaulity product.


Subject: Thanks James

Thats all I got to say, Thanks

G PonceSubject:  Re: MC Jacket Order - Out of Stock
From: "Richard Xxxxxxxxx" <>
To: "james" <>
References: 1 , 2

Hello James, I received my Cruiser MC jacket last week and I am quite pleased. This is a REAL motorcycle jacket providing REAL protection against the elements and in the unfortunate event of an unplanned dismount, abrasions. Nice, thick leather with extra protection where it counts, at the shoulders, elbows and forearms. This is no "fashion leather" jacket.  I was considering the First Gear Scout III jacket for over three times the price but ended up with three times the jacket! Many thanks!Rich

Subject: Cruiser Jacket
From: Bill and Christine Xxxxxx <>
To: james <>
 References: 1


I received the Cruiser Jacket and unlined gloves on Thursday. The jacket
is great. So many features for such a low price: removable lining, vents
and brass zippers for under $150. I have seen many inferior jackets for
more money.
Ordering one size up fits perfect and the sleeves are long enough too
(usually a problem w/ a 35 inch sleeve length).
This is a great jacket at a great price.
The gloves are nice too and I look forward to weather where I can wear
the unlined again.

Thanks again,
Bill Xxxxxx

Subject: wntrhart
From: "terry d.xxxxxxx" <>
To:  "james" <>

james look here mister i got my cruiser jacket this evening and mister all im gonna say is oh yeahhhhhhhh! :}
absoutley fantastic! ive already showed it to my friends that wouldnt wait lol! hahahahaaaa wish you could
have seen their faces hahahahahahahaaaaaa! and for what they spent and i spent hahahahahahahaaaaa im
roughly 350 ahead hahahahaa! fantastic ! now all i gotta do is save up for my chaps! just wanted to let you
know ! great job cudos to yall!:}

Subject:  jacket
From: "James X. Xxxxxx" <>
Organization: The Freeze Xxxxxxxxx
To: james <>

James ~
Got the jacket.... It's GREAT
Now how about a line of saddlebags with the same value/price ratio.

Thanx again


Subject: S401 series, Vengeance Jacket
From: "Paul Xxxx" <>
To: <>

James, I can't say enough about how great your products are.   I just returned home to find my jacket
and several other items there. I will however have to exchange my jacket for a larger size even though
I had a taylor measure me.   Do I need a return authorizarion number or can I just send it back with the
request for a larger size.

Thanks again for a world of GREAT Products and SUPER service

Paul Xxxx

Subject:Subject:  motorcycle jacket
From: "Roderick Xxxxxx" <>


I received my model 50144 motorcycle jacket a few weeks back.  This is truly a quality jacket with
exceptional leather.  It is exactly as represented,  and I still can't believe the price.  In addition, the
order arrived  promptly, and everyone I dealt with was courteous and helpful (unlike many experiences
I have had with online ordering).  I have recommended your site to friends and will continue to do so
without reservation.


Rod Xxxxxx

Subject: S401 series, Vengeance Jacket
From: Steve Xxxxxx <>
To: "''" <>

Not a complaint, rather a complement.  I recently got my Vengeance Black Leather Jacket. I must say,
for the money this is a FANTASTIC jacket. I was expecting to be "satisfied" with a "good enough" jacket
but this was much more.  The quality of the leather, the many features, the Thinsulate lining...I am very
happy with my purchase.

Subject: Re: Alias E-mail/Got It
From:  Floyd <>
To: james <>

Hi James

The stuff did arrive the very next day, just like you predicted. They look great! I will definetely be buying
some more stuff from you in the future. Judging from the responses I have recieved, you should be
getting more business from people in Las Vegas.

Thanks again for the effort.

Subject:Re: S201 Series Racing Suits

> I hope hers fits as well.
Oh MY! This woman looks good in your jacket.
Good Heavens! Your stuff belongs in W, Vogue or Harpers & Queen.
Yes James, fit is perfect, good call again. We're delighted


Charles Xxxxx (6'6") & Anastasia Xxxxx (6'2")
Subject:  S201 Series Racing Suits


Received the box with 2 Vengeance jackets and two pairs of gloves Couldn't wait for my mate to come
home and properly play Christmas, I irresponsibly opened the box myself and tried the jacket on.

It is the finest leather jacket I have ever seen.

Charles Xxxxx

Subject:   Re: Got It
To:  james <>

Hello James

Thank you for your prompt service. The coat is very high quality and fits perfectly as does the leather pants.

Thank you

Ernest Xxxxxxx

Subject: Re: Got It
From: "Robert Xxxxxx" <>
To: "james" <>James,

I received my order today and everything seems to fit just fine. The quality is really great as well. I am certainly glad to have found your web site. You may recall that when we talked last Thursday, I said that it was highly unlikely that I would ever pass Covina so you had no worry about me stopping in to "punch you in the nose"  if I was unhappy with your products.  I certainly have no reason to punch you out because of product fit or quality. The interesting fact is that very same Thursday, my 18 year old daughter checked into her dorm at Xxxxxx Xxxx College in Claremont.  Maybe I will stop by Covina to shake your hand when I visit her at college since Covina is only about ten miles from Claremont.

Have a nice week,
Bob Xxxxxx
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Subject: Re: Got It
From:"Leonard X. Xxxxxxxxx" <>
Organization:  Pacific Bell Internet Services
To:  james <>
References: 1 , 2 , 3

Dear James,

I received my order on Saturday.  Thanks for getting it here so quickly.  I do appreciate it!  As promised,
I did another search on Metacrawler for "motorcycle pants."  LinkAmerica came out at 25th.  You may
need to do some more tweeking in order to get you higher up on the list.  I do know of some people who
have a means of "artificially" increasing the number of hits your site receives, raising you up on the list.
If you like, I can provide contact information on them for you.


Subject: Re: racing suit
From: Linda Xxxxxx <>
To: james <>
References: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

I got it today and it fits perfect.  Like it was made for me.  Thank
you so much
:-)  --Linda

Subject: jacket
From: <>
To: "james" <>

Hi James,

Love the cruiser jacket,fits great and looks good. Thanks for speedy
service and qaulity product.


Subject: Thanks James

Thats all I got to say, Thanks    G Xxxxx

From:  Scott Xxxxx <>

James:  I just received the Leather Jacket that I ordered from you last week.  I appreciate the follow
up email from you about the order and the Phone call you made to confirm my questions on the order.
When I had looked at the other letters written to you, I thought it may have been marketing hype.  It
seems pretty real so I decided to try you out.   The jacket is excellent.  I have been looking for some
jackets through various sources including HD.  THis is somewhat similar to the FXRG series which sells in
the $550+ retail level.  I would say that your jacket is close these in quality at 1/3 the cost @ wholesale.
Jacket fits well and construction looks very good.  Note that the vents in front have small pocket lining in
the lower section and could be used for small stuff.  This is an excellent product for those wanting a Euro look...
Are you planning on expanding your offering?  How long have you been in business?

Subject: Re: Got It
From: "Shannon Xxxxxxx, CMI" <>
Organization: The Thin Blue Line

I received my jacket today and I'm nearly speechless.

We try to keep it a secret, but even Southern California gets cold in the wee hours of the morning and
I've been jacketless since my major name, whiz bang, ain't I bitchen, too expensive, jacket started coming
apart at the seems.  I managed to get a refund, but that didn't keep me warm on the road. Your jacket
is three times the quality at a third of the price.... If it had a zip out lining, I'd rename one of my kids
after you!  What can I say, but THANK YOU.


Shannon Xxxxxxx, CMI
The Thin Blue Line, PI 18913
California Crime Prevention, PPO 12820
Escondido, CA (San Diego)

Subject:  Order Revisited
From: David_Xxxxx@FCIS.UNL.EDU (David Xxxxx)

Mr.James, just had to get back to you This may not work as a testimonial but it is meant as one.
Received our original order yesterday and it arrived in a most timely manner. My wife and I were
impressed by the quality of the jacket, gloves and especially the V-pilot pants. We had only two
problems, the medium-sized gloves were a bit generous so we are ordering the same in a small
(a lucky biker friend will get a nice gift), and in trying out the clothing for a ride last night I found a
little extra ventilation at the crotch where some stitching missed the zipper material, but that will be
easily fixed by tonight. Otherwise, all aspects of your business clicked well. We feel loved! My
father-in-law has even pleaded for the pistol/knife/chain for his miniatures collection, and he hasn't
liked anything in a decade.
More business will be coming your way, Thanx!

Subject:  Re: Got It
From:  "Scott Xxxxxxx" <>
To:   "james" <>
References: 1 , 2

James - Just some feedback for you.

The motorcycle jacket I ordered from you arrived today. I unpacked it, removed the
snap-out lining -- in deference to the Georgia heat today -- unzipped the front and back
vents, put in on, and went for a little ride on my Suzuki VL1500LC.

WHAT A GREAT JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is everything you described in your web ad, and then some! I've seen many leather jackets
in the shops around here -- and in other web sites -- that are three to five times the cost of
the Vengeance leather MC jacket you offered. It looks great, fits great, provides the
protection I need, but most of all was incredibly comfortable with the more than adequate air
flow. Don't know how you do it for $140, but I'M IMPRESSED!!!!!! Thanks for coming
through with great customer service and a superb product.

Scott Xxxxxxxx
Xxxxxxxxx City, GA

Subject:  RE: Order Question
From:  "David XxxxxGorman" <>
To:  "james" <>


Thank you for taking the time to check.  I received the chaps yesterday and
they're a perfect fit.  I also wanted to say that I'm impressed with the
quality - you're selling good stuff at great prices.

"If God had created motorcycles for sissies, they say, he would have given
them four wheels and windshield wipers."

Subject: Re: Account #XXXXXX


Thank-you for all of your continuing assistance.  While the "tech" side of
your website could use a bit of muscle, your staff and customer service has
been superior.

What a fantastic staff...your business WILL prosper with such exemplary
customer support.  I will share your website with everyone and give it a
mention on my homepage...

Have a blessed holiday season...ride safely.

Kristin Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Wisconsin

Subject: Re: V pants
From: augie xxxxxxx <>


I received the V-pants yesterday and they are
absolutely beautiful and fit great. The quality of the
leather is superb. I could not be any happier. I will
definitely recommend your company to all of my
friends, family and associates. Thanks so much.



Subject:  Ladies Bolero Leather Jacket

I got my order today and the stuff looks great.  The jackets were what I had hoped they would look like.  The Gloves S1005L look better than they did in the picture.  A friend stated he saw a pair of gloves like these at an H.D. dealership for close to 90 dollars.  Thanks for showing me the light.

I only have one problem with my order and that is the size of the ladies jacket (S509L).  I was not given the right information buy my friend about his wife's size.I guess in his eyes she looks a little smaller than she really is, ha ha.

Needless to say I need to exchange it for a larger size.  I will need S509XXXL.  I wish he would have read the note at the top of the jacket ad.

What steps do I need to take to return this jacket (S509L) to you for an exchange.  Do I need a R. A.  # (return authorization number) or send it to someone attention?  Please let me know so I can ensure that I follow the correct procedure.

A very satisfied customer!

Subject: Re: Shipped.
From:"murph" <>
To: <>

Thanks for the call today, not everyday a hillybilly gets a call from LA now is it?? :0) The pants arrived today via UPS, They fit great.
Now I have two pair, one to wear over pants  and one to wear right on the ole skin.
Its been a real pleasure doing business with you and Im looking forward to seeing new products come out on your site.
If you need a voucher for the quality of the pants..tell em murph says they are the best buy I have made in a long time.

Peace to you
xxxxxxx Murphy

Subject: S401 series, Vengeance Jacket
From: Kevin & Caroline XXXXXX <>


I received my Vengeance jacket today and am very impressed!  The quality
and features of this piece is top-notch so I am anxious to go riding
with it soon.  I wear a 38 and this fits perfectly, however it does seem
a bit too snug in the waist while standing up.  I expect it'll feel just
right once in a riding position though.  The weather in CA is getting
cooler so my new jacket with the snap-in lining is a most welcome
addition while the vents will be just what the doctor ordered in the
summer to keep cool!  I also ordered a pair of guantlet style lined
gloves and what can I say...they fit like a glove!  Another perfect
fit!  Thanks for the "priority mail" delivery and especially the
keychain cycle knife.  I look forward to my next purchase from your
great service.

Ride On!
Kevin xxxxxx
Monterey, CA

Subject: Re: Order
From:"murph" <>

Stuff Made it to Ole Kentucky today, Im sure you sell lots of stuff so I'll remind you V-jacket and pants..with some gloves to boot.
Very happy with what I see, BUT  They have to go back in the box till Christmas  *sigh*

Thanks again
If you need a good word Let me know.


To: (James)

The V-Pilot pants are wicked pissah! My friend paid $250
for his and $250 for hers. He is not too happy right now.

Your service is EXCELLENT!

Malcolm, who is happy that you sent them Priority Mail.
86 VF700C "Maggie Mae"
"At once I knew not whether I was riding the wind or
the wind was riding me." Lao Tzu

Note:This email is from a japanese rider in japan.  Slight language and translation barrier.
Subject:  Re: Air and Surface
From:Jackey <>
References: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
Dear James,

I received my order on the afternoon of 14th, Japan time.
It is 13th in your time.

I put on the pants, and I liked them very much.
The quality is much better than Jamin leather(they have www and sell through internet).
Northbound leather, Tronto, Canada, has almost the same quality as yours, but their
pants are over twice as expensive as yours.

I like the design of M/C pants.  It's unique and very warm.
Jean style pants are NOT jean style, I'm afraid.
Especially the front snaps.(Double!)
Concerning to the size, you say we should order one size up, but I think two size up is
better. (Note:  We say measure you waist at the belt line)
But leather will stretch and fit the body.

I bought various things thru the internet.  You are the fastest in delivery and  response.
Maybe you are one of the best.
I will give your name cards to my friends.

Thank you very much.Subject: Jacket Order


Jacket arrived yesterday and is exactly what I anticipated. Your estimate and
change of my ordered size was absolutely accurate and ensured we didn't have
an unhappy surprise.

I'm very satisfied with this entire transaction, and will recommend you and
Linkamerica whenever I have the chance.

By the way - whoever filled-out my order and credit card receipt transposed
my last name and the name of my city. Hope that that doesn't create a
chargeback. Let me know if I can help.

...Bob X.

Subject: soccer ball sizes
From:  "Bryan xxxxxxx" <>
To: <>

Thank you!

We received our order of boxing stuff and a soccer ball. All of it was
great and thank you for the complimentary ball. I noticed you have more
soccer balls coming and I was wondering if you could email me the sizes
availiable in each model (i.e. size 3, 4 or 5). I am part of the local AYSO
regional board, a coach and a soccer nut and I am always looking for
quality well-priced equipment, not to mention I was more impressed with
your service and mechandise than ANY other online transaction I have made.
Anyway thanks again for your assistance and service.

Bryan xxxxxxx

Subject: MC Pants
From: "Richard Xxxxxxxxx" <>
To: <>
I just received my $75 leather motorcycle pants and I gotta tell ya -
THEY'RE GREAT!  You should be receiving a *bunch* of orders pretty soon, I
just put the word out to some of the lists on the Web and gave you a great
write-up.  Thanks for the great deal.
-RW- GOB #22 - Bethesda, Md
Magnas are cool, but Sabres RULE!
83 Venture - Black Diamond
84 V65 Sabre - 2nd Chance
88 Venture Royale - The Red Sled
97 Bandit 1200 - Maj. Loftage
Subject:  RE: Error

From: "Crawford xxxx" <>
      To:  <>

I received the soccer balls.  They are fantastic!! I have already placed an
order at the 1st level, but I expect to reorder again soon.  I may have told
you, I'm taking these to Haiti to give away to children who basically have
nothing.  Your extremely fair price means that I can litterally take dozens
of balls. Thanks so much.

Crawford xxxx

Subject: Leather MC Jacket

Please pass this on to James


Wow!. Just got my jacket, the 'Vengence' model. Wow, again. What a great
jacket. It fits great, leather is the best top quality I've seen. It's as
good a jacket as one's I've seen for 3 to 4x more bucks!. The snap in liner
is great, zip front vents, sleeve zips -it has everything ! I'm blown away
by the value this jacket represents.
Feel free to use me as a reference for customers with questions about this
jacket. I'm going to order a few pairs of gloves to go with this.
I'm sure that the buds will want their own jacket

Jurij xxxxxxx

Subject: Got my Order
From: Chip Xxxxx <>
To: "''" <>

Got my Avenger jacket and 2-piece race suit.
In a word, outstanding.  My best hopes were met.
We did great on the sizing, too.

I can't believe I got matching V-Pilot pants AND jacket AND
a 2-piece armored race SUIT for less than the retail Vanson
jacket I was looking at when I found your web site.  I got
four quality leather pieces for less that I was prepared to pay
for one.

So after two major purchases from LinkAmerica, I am delighted
to find out you are real, the goods are real--and real nice quality

My wife is jealous.
Can you get the Avenger jacket and V-Pilot pants in ladies'
sizes?  How bout kids sizes?  She is a small person.
She just wants some leather wear without tassels or roses.
Any options in the future?

Chip Xxxxxx
A Satisfied Customer
I put up a nice set of links to your page on my xxxxxxxxxx club site.
Correction: Vengeance Jacket

Subject: Violins

Hi James,

I ordered a violin from you in April and was very happy with it.
Thanks so much.  I need two more.  I ordered them through your website.
Please let me know how long until I receive them.  Thanks.

My address is:  xxxx xxxxx, xxx x xxxxx xxxxxxxx., Pompton Plains,
NJ  07444

I need the full size, 4/4 Student Violin; it costs $44 each.


Subject: Violin.....

I was wondering if you could possibly set a full size violin aside for me,
for maybe a week?  I definitely want to purchase one, but would like to put it
on a Visa card (A Northwest Airline Visa for travel miles for flying) that I
am getting in about week.

We liked the 1/2 size so much we figured we may as well get the full size
right away. I may even get my oldest daughter to play as well.

If you can't I understand.  I noticed the 3/4 size was SOLD OUT and did not
want to miss out on a full size.  Please let me know asap.  If you can not
hold one for me I will need to get it with a different card.



Glen x. xxxxxxx
Bismarck ND.

Subject: vengeance leather M/C jacket
To: <>

Very pleased with the 40732 pants I received today. FYI the size 32 fits me perfectly in both waist and inseam, and I wear a
31Wx32L in jeans. That's a pretty true fit.

I was pleasantly surprised at the stitching quality, the zipper quality, and the overall finish. These should truly retail in the $300

My questions today concern the Vengeance (S401xx) jacket sizing. I wear a European 50, American 40. What size would be
appropriate? Does the jacket have an extended back (for a forward lean riding position)? (looks like a Vanson copy, so I would
expect the answer is yes).

Thanks for your help.


Subject:  RE: Leathers order
From:  "xxxxxxx, Dave" <>
To:  "''" <>

Hi James,

You were right - I received my order about an hour ago - everything looks
great!  Thanks for the samples of the tattoos and the little knife.  My kids
will love the tats.

The jacket is perfect for me.  The pants are a tiny bit tight, but winter
usually puts some weight on me, and that beer-belly will be gone in no time.

Excellent service!


Dave xxxxxxx
Subject: RE: your opinion
From: "xxxxxxx, Dave" <>
To: "''" <>

Hi James

The jacket (in my humble opinion) is fantastic, and worth $250 to $300.  You
nailed the description of the fit perfectly.  You should advertise that it
comes with a snap-in quilted liner, as this is a big selling point
(especially here in Maine).

The pants are actually smaller for the marked size than the jacket.  The
quality is excellent, and are probably worth $200 to $250.  I'm comparing
these prices to catalog prices such as Motorcycle Accessories Warehouse.

I would like to exchange the pants for a size 36.  I'll gladly pay shipping
both ways.  Any chance of that? (my wife says I'm in denial if I try to keep
the 34's).

I am on a Ducati list that may have some interested buyers.  Most of them
are prima-donnas, that probably wouldn't lower themselves to buy some
non-Italian leathers that cost $1,500, but some are down-to-earth people who
appreciate a bargain that appears too good to be true.  I'll pass on your
page address to them.

Thanks again,

Dave xxxxxxx

> -----Original Message-----
> From: James []
> To:   Dave xxxxxx
> Subject:  your opinion
> Hi Dave
> I am glad you are pleased and I hope the children like the tattoos.
> Can you give me your opinion on what you feel the quality of the
> merchandise is related to price.
> If you would tell any friends you may have on the internet, about us,
> it would be appreciated.
> We really appreciate you kind words.
> I think it is some of the nice responses, from what we would like to
> consider as friends,  that really make this all worthwhile.
> Thank you for your support.
> My best
> james

Subject:  Re: Message
From:"Dale A. Dennis" <>
To: "James" <>

My pleasure, sir - although I hadn't realized that I was addressing your entire staff. I shall have to be more
cautious when making reference to my somewhat sordid past!

I have greatly enjoyed our correspondence, over & above my pleasure at finding another reputable business
person, and I take pride in the fact that you would call me 'friend' - a term that I feel is often used much too

Luckily, since I fully intend to continue purchasing from you website, I'm sure that we will continue to be in touch
- my kids would see to that, even if I didn't ;=)

Continued best regards,

At 08:33 AM 3/3/99 -0800, you wrote:

  Hello Dale

  Once again I wanted to  thank you for the supportive message.  Everyone at the office really appreciated it.

  You seem to have a way with your scripting.  Now I understand why you have been there and done that

  once or five times or so(-:

  It's always good if you can find a friend anywhere.

  My best

Good morning, James:

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the crossbow pistols &
scissors arrived today, and all items were in fine shape. My son was very
surprised & excited when I unpacked the first crossbow, and handed it to him!

Before I would even let him assemble it, though, I handed him a printout of
your e-mail with the "hole in the garage door" story, and used your
experience to make the point that these are NOT to be treated as toys. I
then took him out back, and let him fire a bolt into a large stump we have
behind the house. The bolt went into the stump a good two inches, and he
was unable to pull it out with both hands, so he now realizes just how much
power these little gadgets can pack.

I also wanted to say how pleased I am with the quality of the merchandise.
Because your prices are so amazingly low, I must admit that I was somewhat
apprehensive as to the quality I might expect. I am extremely happy that,
in this case, I couldn't have been more wrong!

After we had finished 'playing with our new toys' (as my wife put it), I
gave my entire family a 'guided tour' of your website, and I'm sure that
between the four of us we must have listed at least another $500 worth of
merchandise that we want to order. And, of course, we will ALL now be
spreading the word about LinkAmerica.....

Again, my sincere thanks, and wishing you all the best!


Subject: My order
From: "xxxxxxx, Dave" <>
To: "''" <>Hi James,

Thanks for your prompt service (and the second free little knife - cool)

Your substitution of the gloves was fine.  The large pair was for me, which
still came in white.  I get a lot of rain up here, and riding with black
gloves in the rain bleeds the dye on me.  The black pair will be for my son,
who doesn't care if his hands get all black anyway.

The pants are perfect.

Thanks for your patience with me.  Your service is exemplary!  I'll pass the

Dave xxxxxxx

Subject:  Re: On The Way
From:  jay xxxxxxxxx <>
 Organization:  xxxxxxx beta corp
               1 , 2 , 3

James wrote:
> Hi Jay
> I am at home and decided to check email before I go to the office in the
> morning.   Just got you message.
> I am glad you received your order within a reasonable time.
> Yes, the S401 is PCW handle.  A friend of mine in Reno Nevada, who I have
> known since 6th grade, ordered a couple S401's.  He put a price tag of $75
> and sold out within a couple of days and took a back order.  The ship is way
> behind schedule but hope the
> S401's will be here soon.
> If I can be of any assistance please let me know.
> Thank you for your support.
> My best
> james
> jay xxxxxxx wrote:
> > James wrote:
> > >
> > > Hi Jay
> > >
> > > Your order is on the way by way of UPS.
> > > If I can be of any assistance please let me know.
> > > Thank you for your support
> > >
> > >                                My best
> > >                                 james
> > >                             LinkAmerica
> > >              A true Wholesale site on the World Wide Web
> > >                              Tell A Friend
> > >
> > >
> > James,
> >
> > I received the order in good time and had a ball going through all the
> > stuff.  I selected the ones that I thought would be appropriate for my
> > potential customers and the rest I put in a box and will put a $10.00
> > tag on them, first come first serve.  Now to business.  The 'Fish Shaped
> > Knife' appears to have a Pcw handle.  Is that correct?  I realize that
> > it is on backorder but I may want to put in my order as well.  I have
> > selected about 32 items that I may be interested in at a later date.
> > I have pretty much deceided to order certain items in the near future.
> > They amount to 80 some pieces @ about $500.00.
> >
> > Please let me know about the model S401's handle ASAP and I will get my
> > order to you soon after.
> >
> > Thanks, jay
Hey James,

Did you get the e-mail I sent you last night with the order attached?
I did send it to james<>.  I hope you got it.
If not, please let me know and I will send it to you via 'editor@'
address.  Thanks much...jay

Subject: Re: Sample order

Hello James,
 I picked up my delivery from UPS yesterday.  The order was in good condition
and I am very pleased.  I still cannot believe your prices, but they are for
real.  The problem with delivery was a error in the address, xxxx Haggerty
Road, not xxx.  I especially like the 2 piece suits, all three.  I think the
Blue gloves fit the best.
Thanks again,

Subject:  RE: S70146 (fatter than I thought)
From:  Paul xxxxxx <>

Hi James,

I received the package on Friday, let me start by saying how delighted I am
with everything. The only problem I have is that the racing suit S201XL is
just a hair too small for me. I am going to need to go to a larger size. I
would like (if possible to exchange it for a S333XXL in red. I want this
particular suit for the large amount of white in it (I live in Santa Clarita
by Magic Mountain), and I am looking for maximum reflectivity for the
summer. As we discussed I am more than happy to pay for shipping both ways
(since it was me that ordered the wrong size), or alternatly I can send one
of our drivers up with the package to exchange it. I tried to phone you
today (Monday) but your line was busy both times. If there is any cost
differential please advise me and I will include it in the shipment. Please
contact me either by phone (xxx xxx 0292) or e-mail.

Regards, Paul xxxxxx.

Subject: RE: No Problem
From: "Morton, xxxxx L - CNF" <>
To: "''" <>

        Thanks for the update, I'm not in a big hurry....I can wait.
         If you could advise me when they're in I would appreciate it, or
        if that's too difficult(I realize you probably can't be tracking
        merchandise availability for all of your customers) I can touch
        base with you around the middle of May.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: James []
> Sent: Monday, March 29, 1999 7:24 AM
> To:   Morton, xxxxx L - CNF
> Subject:      No Problem
> Good Morning xxxxx
> At least it is morning here.  I would expect the next shipment of this
> style in about six weeks.  I will double check your samples order when I
> get to the office.  I will cancel it until I get your directions in the
> future.
> Thank you for your understanding and support
> My best
> james
> James;
>         Let's cancel this current order.
>         When do you expect to receive your next shipment of this
>         particular model?

From: "Vernie L. xxxxxxxxx" <>
Organization: Vernie L. xxxxxxxxx

The order looks fine.  I plan to take the crossbows to my hunting acreage in a couple
of weeks and give them a functionality test run.


James wrote:

  Hello Vernie

  You should have received you order by know.  I wondered if you might
  share your satisfaction level with me.
  Thank you for your support.

  My best

From: Claire xxxxxxxx <>
 rganization: South Shore Recycling Cooperative
To: "James (E-mail)" <>

>> Dear James,
I'm sending a cute joke along with a thank you for filling my order with
such wonderful stuff at such a good price, and an extra gift for my son to
boot!  His birthday is next week, and he's very excited. (He knows what
he's getting, unfortunately).  We blew up my daughter's inflatable chair
that she got for her birthday the other day with the fabulous foot pump.  I
will give your contact infor to our Park and Rec guy.

Subject: Programmer Humor
>>       _
>>      ( \
>>       \ \
>>       / /                 /\
>>      / /     .-`````-.   / ^`-.
>>      \ \    /         \_/  {|} `o
>>       \ \  /   .---.   \\ _  ,--'
>>        \ \/   /     \,  \( `^^^
>>         \   \/\      (\  )
>>          \   ) \     ) \ \
>>          ) /__ \__  ) (\ \___
>>          (___)))__))(__))(__)))
>>      Jesus and Satan were having an argument as to who was the better
>> programmer.  This went on for a few hours until they agreed to hold a
>> contest with God as the judge.  They sat at their computers and began.
>>      They typed furiously for several hours, lines of code streaming
>> up on the screen.
>>      Seconds before the end of the competition, a bolt of lightning
>> struck, taking out the electricity.  Moments later, the power was
>> restored, and God announced that the contest was over.  He asked Satan
>> to show what he had come up with.  Satan was visibly upset, and cried,
>> "I have nothing!  I lost it all when the power went out."
>>      "Very well, then," God said, "Let us see if Jesus did any better."
>>      Jesus entered a command, and the screen came to life in vivid
>> display, the voices of an angelic choir poured forth from the speakers.
>>      Satan was astonished.  He stuttered, "But how?!  I lost everything,
>> yet Jesus' program is intact!  How did he do it?"
>>      God chuckled, "Jesus saves!"
>>                       .__________________________.
>>               /\__/\  |                          |
>>              /   O O\_|     ---TrashLaughs---    |
>>            /          \University of Hard Knocks|
>>            /      \     \    MightyCool.Com      |
>>           /   _    \     \_______________________!
>>          /    |\____\     \      ||
>>         /     | | | |\____/      ||
>>        /       \| | | |/ |      _||
>>       /  /  \   -------  |_____| ||
>>      /   |   |           |       __)
>>      |   |   |           |_____  __)      IT'S FREE!!!
>>      |  |_|_|_|          |     \___)
>>      /\                  |       !!
>>     / /\        |        /
>>    / /  |       |       |       To be added to the list, go to:
>>  _/ /   |       |       |
>> !_/    c_c_c_C/ \C_c_c_c/

From:"Larry xxxxxxxx <>
To: <>

james:   thanX for your inquiry. The x-bows are fine for the size & fun to
use. The bolts were less than I expected, but that can be cured by looking
for "healthier" material, but for the price, my satisfaction level is  very
good. The service you provided was beyond that which I expected, and I will
be back in touch with you re: x-bow bolts for 150#. Question: are the 150#
bolts pretty substantial items ?

Larry C  -  Link America Coustomer

-----Original Message-----
From: James <>
To: Larry xxxxxxx <>
Subject: satisfaction level

>Hello Larry
>You should have received the crossbows by now.  Just looking for some
>feedback, your satisfaction level.
>Thanks for your support
>My best

Subject:  Re: anticipation

Hi James,

The violin arrived monday, in good shape.  I believe it is something that we
can use in our school, and have gotten the principal's ok, but the funding for
our purchase is some sort of grant money that must go thru channels at the
central office of the school system, and that may take awhile.

Appreciate the great service and speed on this.  Please let me know about the
possibility of cellos or basses as soon as you know anything.

I've been surfing the web and auctionsites for basses.  Get thousands of
leads, mostly related to fishing tackle and electric guitars.  Kind of funny.

Best wishes.  Brice xxxxx
Subject:  Re: anticipation


Have not re-strung the violin yet.  It plays actually pretty well with the
strings that were on, but the lower strings in particular really distort the
pitch when pressed for more volume.  This is a phenomenon of steel strings
which perlon (synthetic gut) strings will cure.  The bridge was the correct
size, just needed to be notched with a knife and fitted a bit better on the
I wish I knew more about the new oblong cases you mentioned  before.
Durability and protection of the instrument,  esp. thermal protection, are
considerations of mine for student instruments.  Those little black shell
cases, if left in the sun like in the back of a car, just heat up and really
can cook the violin.

The pegs are very well fitted, I think, but I wish they were real ebony pegs.
the "ebonized" softer wood pegs eventually push thru the pegbox and need to be
replaced  in a few years.This has been my experience.  Another item that will
have to be added are fine tuners on the tailpiece end of the string, esp. with
the steel strings.   The less a person has to turn the wooden pegs, the longer
they will last, too.  They are not too expensive.

As far as student instruments go, these are a wonderful value for the money,
though the Suzuki violins from Nagoya Japan are more durable (because of the
ebony pegs.

I am really happy that I found your website.

There is another fellow out west there, in Garden Grove, who has been selling
the same instrument as this, basically, but with his own label inside, for
years.  He does some shop adjusting, adds the aforementioned fine tuners and a
fiberglass bow.   He is not a wholesaler,  and sends his flier all over the
country.  Not an internet site as far as I know.
We bought alot of instruments from him in the past here in central KY,  but
your violin is every bit as good quality, and you beat his price considerably.

Brice F.

Subject: Re: On the way

Everything arrived today and it all looks great.  My preference is for the
10014R gloves. I think they have a better feel to them.  Thanks for the speedy
service.  Everyone I talked with was very friendly, and I am very pleased with
your company.  I will be sure to order from you in the future.  Thanks again.

 Ethan xxx

Subject: s-401
From:  "xxxxx Johnson" <>

James I sold one for 75.00 and took a order for another for $75.00.Can I
reserve at least 5 for me. I'm telling everybody six weeks? I will order a
couple of the madd max also. S-530. I will always e-mail you when I mail
money from now on.
Mucho Dinaro

"xxxxxx.Pat" wrote:
The quality of the jacket is equal to any of the jackets I have looked at

Pat xxxxxx

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