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Thank you for your interest the LinkAmerica Product Line

LinkAmerica's Showroom is located in Port Lavaca, Texas.

LinkAmerica Distributors
224 E. Main St.
Port Lavaca, Texas 77979 
Phone: (361) 553-7400
Fax: (361) 553-7401
Toll Free:(800) 496-4707

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How It Works
Sample Order:
We do highly recommend ordering samples before placing any large volume order.  We would like to make sure that the item you ordered meets your needs, and is what you expected.

Please read this page before you do business with us for the first time.  Any additional questions please call us: M-F, 9am-5pm, 1-800-496-4707
You may mix model numbers from any $100 Level 1 Page, to reach pricing levels. Of course the same applies to Levels 2, 3, and 4 Pages. Please Note: Item Prices May Be Based On Quantity Of Item Ordered, Instead of Spend Amount.
Buy Now Sale Price: No Minimum or Spend Requirement.
(You qualify for wholesale as long as you meet the spend requirement)

Questions About Pricing Please Call

Spend $2150.01 or more, Call: 1-800-496-4707
Unless Otherwise Noted.
(You Could Receive An Additional Discount)

Please Note:Item Prices May Be Based On Quantity Of Item Ordered. (Instead of Spend Amount)
Volume Pack = Vol. Pack
No Minimum or Spend Requirement.
You receive the lowest prices by purchasing in volume.

Please Note: Please Note: Item Prices May Be Based On Quantity Of Item Ordered. (Instead of Spend Amount) It will be obvious on page.
Can I Buy
If you are a non wholesale customer that has stumbled upon our web site, you will be allotted many of the same considerations as any wholesale buyer. 

However, Your credit card billing address and shipping address must match.

As a non-wholesale buyer we will not use your carrier number to ship an order or ship an order to you C.O.D.

Your shipping charges would be the same as anyone else that walked into a USPS (United States Postal Service) or UPS (United Parcel Service) shipping center to ship a package.  You will not be charged any additional handling fees or premiums.

The one exception is "International Shipment" .  There is a $5 (five dollars) per box paper work fee.  This charge is not applicable if shipping to an A.P.O. addresse.   overseas A.P.O. addressed military shipments will not be charged an international paper work fee. "Back To Top"

We will always try to get the lowest shipping rates for our customers.
USPS (United States Postal Service) is often the least expensive on small orders. Shipping rates are pre-set for USPS shipping for small orders. Please allow a 10% USPS grace due to packaging weight variations.

No handling charges on orders shipped within the Continental US

UPS (United Parcel Service) is often the least expensive on larger orders.
Larger orders will normally ship UPS ground. Please allow a 10% UPS grace due to packaging weight variations.(Merchant rates are applicable if you have a resale, tax exempt number, or order is non-profit). If you need estimated shipping charges on a larger order please call (1-800-496-4707 M-F, 9am-5pm Central Time Zone).

Please Note:
If we notice that we can lower your shipping cost by changing carriers, without notice to you, we will change carriers unless directed otherwise.
A Little Safety Net
If you should Overcharge yourself, we will automatically adjust the price down. If you should Undercharge yourself by more than $10, we will make contact prior to filling your order request.
Exchange Return Policy:
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number will be at bottom of the email you receive related to your exchange or return. You must read the exchange/return policy.
Please understand this, we are not a "Retail Business".
Once an order is shipped, If you are a
Merchant, Re-Seller, Promotional Company, Volume Purchaser, Personal User, or Other, etc. there are no returns, what so everNo, Returns, No Exchanges, No Exceptions!!  Also, if your are a merchant you can put it on the rack and play with the price until it sells.
Any damaged merchandise must be reported to us within 7 days of receiving the shipment.
Once an order is placed it goes to processing. If there is a cancellation call prior to shipping there will be a 20% cancellation charge.
The reason is that all merchandise that has gone to processing has incurred the possible cost of workers, paper work, restocking, packaging, and then unpacking, restocking, and waste.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number Is Of Extreme Importance
If for some reason a return is authorization, you must have received a (RMA) number from us.  If a return is shipped to us without a (RMA) number we may assume you are sending us a gift and no credit will be issued, Thank You For The Gift.


Motorcycle Leather: If you are a surfing web rider that stumbled upon us, we will accept an "Exchange Only," under these conditions, "Leather Only" Repeat, "Leather Only" Once Again, "Leather Only".  All labels must be attached and the merchandise must come back in the same condition as received.  The merchandise must be treated with respect.  We will only do a size exchange (As in life variables may exist).  Our leather is the good stuff.  There is a $12 per item restocking fee, plus any additional USPS or UPS mailing cost. We do not like to charge this, but because of our prices, and the additional labor such as data entry, restocking, packaging,  mailing, paperwork, etc. we must.  It all adds up.
: If you try on a piece of merchandise and it is treated with respect that is one thing. If it does not fit, take it off. Leave any labels attached, place it back in covering the way your received it.   If you wear it, ride with it, play with it, disrespect it, it cannot  be exchanged.

Special Message for the thief, sneaky or dishonest person, which are few.  Unfortunately they do exist.
If you return items other then what you are authorized to return (if accepted at all) there will be a 50%, please read again, a 50% restocking charge on all non authorized items returned.  The merchandise must still retain all original labels, be in the same condition as received, and be packaged in the same condition as issued or you may receive no refund due to being damage and non wholesale-able.You may choose, within seven (7) working days, to have the unauthorized merchandise returned to you for a 20% reprocessing plus shipping cost.  You will be responsible for all additional return shipping cost.

Who We Are is a subsidiary of LinkAmerica distributors which is a direct importer and wholesale distributor. Our customer base mostly includes schools, churches, promotional companies, and resellers located across the country.  We also cater to some gyms, manufacturers, and governmental agencies.

Our business office is located at:
224 E. Main St.
Port Lavaca, Tx 77979

If you are a non wholesale customer that has stumbled upon our web site, you will be allotted many of the same considerations as any wholesale buyer. 
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