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Get The Facts Before Opening Your Mouth!
A Response To The Article;

Get The Facts Before Opening Your Mouth!
Hi! This is in response to a "true story" written by James W. in May 1998 about Longs Drug Stores. First of all, I work for a Longs Drug Store in Southern California, in the pharmacy. Let me just say, Longs is a great company to work for and to do business with. If an employee or customer has a complaint about something, all you have to do is talk to one of the managers or the store manager, and they will usually go out of their way to help you. I've been lucky enough to work for four different stores in Southern California, and this has always been the same at each store. In James W.'s letter, he left out if he talked to a manager or not. He most likely did not, and that's why he had to say that Longs Drug Store discriminates against people who are not senior citizens. If he would have took the time to speak to one of our managers or the store manager, then he would have been told that in February of 1998 a new California law went into effect saying that ALL pharmacies must give ANY person with medicare or over the age of 65 a discount at the medi-cal (state funded) cost of the particular medication. If you are under the age of 65, but still have a medi-care card,  then we will give you the same discount. If you are under the age of 65 with no medi-care card, and you still need help paying for a prescription, then we will try and match a price at another pharmacy that is cheaper. Also, maybe if you don't have enough money, then you could apply for the state-funded medi-cal program, which pays completely for most prescription medications. Even then, you could kindly ask one of our friendly pharmacists if they could call your doctor for a cheaper, yet similar substition. I am sorry if a pharmacist confused James W. in any way, but all he had to do was ask for a manager. Next time maybe he should ask some more questions before he jumps to such a conclusion, and such an statement. I am proud to work for Longs Drug Store.  I think all of us need to remember this.....All you have to do is ASK!
A Response by James W. To The Response;
Get The Facts Before Opening Your Mouth!
Hello Shelley

Thank you for your email, it is truly appreciated.
I did re-read the "True Story."  Longs may be a great company to work for however, it does not negate the concept of this article.  Blinders are often normal when one has a special allegiance and many people may not easily be willing to see the evident.  However, you may wish to go back, re-read the article with and open mind, and absorb the complete abstraction of the article.

My best to you and yours
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