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Contrary to popular belief, the Majority does not rule if it infringes on the basic Constitutional Rights of "1" Individual
 and by the time you wake it will be too late
Contrary to popular belief, a women does not have one more rib than a man. Contrary to popular belief, the Grizzly bear is not the largest bear.  And you say, I know that.  Go ask 10 people.

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..Freedom Is Not Free.
The cost of Indifference is Freedom 
The Price of Indifference
The Future of American freedom is in serious jeopardy.  stay asleep America   Indifference, self interest, and robot like tolerance, by the majority of American people, is placing freedom and the Constitution of America in an extremely precarious position. There are laws being passed, supported from Presidents down, which are slowing and surely eroding basic American Constitutional rights.  Americans are slowly but surely giving away Freedom.

Tidbits In Life (just a personal observation)
Corporate America makes you aware of everything, if they they have something positive to gain.   Of course, not bringing to the forefront, the hypocritical nature of their negative actions.

As an example, my son and I went into a  major retail chain store  in the Southern California Area. We noticed a rather large display which read," Made In America."  The were promoting the concept that they created, eight to thirteen new American jobs (I cannot remember the exact number).  How they created these  jobs was by  purchasing plastic cups made by a small American company.    Going on this basis, the small American company hired new employees to meet their needs. Very patriotic, huh. Just to make sure that their attempt at displaying their patriotic values were honest, we walked around and picked 5 surrounding items.  Four out of the five items were imported.

The problem is not that the other items were imported.  The problem is the deceit and how low some sectors of corporate America are willing to go. In my opinion this action by this large retail chain had a lot of class, to bad it was all third.

I wonder how many more Americans would be working if those four items were made in America.  Why not put up a large display,We Cost Americans 200 Jobs by buying these four imported  items.

Some people may think that this is a little issue.  All I can say is that deceit, lies, and deception, is being to easily validated by the American people.  We do not wish to see anything until it truly affects us directly.  By then it maybe to late.

Don't you think it would be fair to have equal exposure for the jobs lost?
Stay ASLEEP America and you may not have to worry about it until it is too late.

There are those, and they are winning, who are slowly directing America towards a second class Nation.  These small adjustments, a little at a time,  are preached to be in the interest of America.  The truth be told, they are for the profit and unadulterated greed of multinational corporations, and pushing toward a one world government.  As they merge and join, the one who ends up with the most toys WINS, and it is not America.
Big Brother Is Getting Stronger And Stronger
The reason I am not naming the chain store above is because my son and I disagree on which store it was.
I say it was Target and my son says it was a Walmart.  One of us is wrong.

Comments, suggestions, and criticisms welcome.

American Freedoms are eroding at a blistering speed. Stay Asleep America and by the time you wake...
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