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Discrimination Alive And Healthy In America
Who, you ask?
Longs Drug Stores, Drug Store Chain.
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I am going to ask your forgiveness in advance.  One of the words that I am going to use in these true life experiences is strictly to make a point.  More then likely you have had the same experience without recognizing it or, being like a lot of  people, who will just accept it.  A lot of people will say that it is not important until it is to late, but then it is too late.   A lot of Politicians and a large part of the Corporate structure count on it.  People do like their bullshit validated and do not like to have their covers pulled.  People are afraid of the negative response they may receive if they pull the covers of people so they have decided in their sub-conscience not to see, not to be aware,  and to validate.  If you do not understand you now will.  Here Goes
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LONGS DRUG STORES (pure discrimination, a true story)
My son, who is relatively new at being a teenager, is showing absolute signs that he is a teenager.  He has reached that point in life when skin eruptions become a daily concern.  I told my son to ask the pharmacist at a local Longs Drug Store for a product recommendation on blemish eradication.  As he was standing in line there was an older Asian lady being deceived by the pharmacist.  Initially the pharmacist, under the guise of being caring and thoughtful, was in a sense telling  her that she would receive a 10% senior citizens discount since she was over the age of sixty.  She admitted to not being exactly sixty. She then was to receive the discount because the person the prescription was for was over sixty.  It turned out she was inquiring about the price being lower at another drug store.  Then the pharmacist switched to their price matching policy.  What happened to the senior citizens discount you ask?  It was gone.  Just a game?  She never did receive special consideration for a senior citizen.  When I asked the pharmacist about the senior citizens discount, he developed an unfriendly attitude.  Anyone can get a price match.  His reason for the senior citizen discount was because he did not want to lose any customers, so he stated.
Not only is this a deceitful practice under the guise of being caring and thoughtful, it is blatant age discrimination, and purely profit oriented.  This is practiced at various Longs Drug stores throughout Southern California.  I thought age discrimination was against the law.  Many people feel that this is okay, especially if it benefits them. 

This is not a practice of equality and fairness.  Maybe to some it is a small issue, but dishonesty grows, and grows.  If it is profitable or beneficial for some corporations and politicians, it even grows more.

Just remember, if you are under sixty years of age, you are sick, do not have very much money, and do not have a way of finding a better price, you are to be treated differently,  unfairly, and discriminated against by LONGS DRUG STORES.

A Response To This Article Click Here, Dated 08/23/2002
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