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The Blind Generation
and by the time you can see, it will be too late.
Contrary to popular belief, you are getting screwed all the time and you don't even care.  And you say, I know that.  Is it because you are blind, don't care, just a fool, or don't understand, that the cost of Indifference's FREEDOM
Tidbits In Life (just a personal observation)

Have you ever gone to a  movie theater?  Have you ever noticed that there is a under a certain age or over a certain age price.  Have you noticed that you pay this in-between price.   Have you noticed, that you do not give it a second thought or an objection.  I have always been curious.  Do the people who pay the in-between price, watch more of the movie, use more toilet paper or soap, or do the just enjoy the movie more.  Maybe you are the one who pays to get in, buys the popcorn, doesn't make excessive noise.

Do you believe this is done because the theaters care?
If you do, STAY ASLEEP , by the time you wake up it will be too late.

The truth is, they hope it will increase their cash intake.  The only goodness in the hearts of the majority, of Cooperate America, is to increase their bottom line, and not to leave any money on the table. 

I have no problem with making a profit, but to use deceit in the guise of goodness is fast becoming an American business practice.  The blind acceptance of such practices by Americans is shameful.  If the theaters could get the blind to come by using some form of unique concept, they would.  Oh, I forgot the blind are going and not saying anything to their governmental representatives.  This is true discrimination under the guise of goodness.
This is happening in restaurants, clothing stores, pharmacies, etc...

I am sorry, it is true age discrimination.
and you may not have to
worry about it until it is to late.
The Price of Indifference
The Future of American freedom is in serious jeopardy. STAY ASLEEP America   Indifference, self interest, and robot like tolerance, by the majority of American people, is placing freedom and the Constitution of America in an extremely precarious position. There are laws being passed, supported from Presidents down, which are slowing and surely eroding basic American Constitutional rights.  Americans are slowly but surely giving away Freedom.
The brainwashing effect has been so strong and complete that the vast majority of American people can only think about issues they have been conditioned to think about.  When someone tries to awaken these individuals, they only can criticizes or think of the person as a trouble maker.  If it was not for so called trouble makers who believed in justice and fairness, you would not enjoy what freedom you do.   But trust yourself, your freedom is slowing disappearing.
Stay ASLEEP America and you may not have to worry about it until it is too late.

There are those, and they are winning.  They are slowly directing America towards a second class Nation.  These small adjustments, a little at a time,  are preached to be in the interest of America.  The truth be told, they are for the profit and unadulterated greed of multinational corporations, and pushing toward a One World Government (New Term, Globalization).  As they merge and join, the one who ends up with the most toys WINS, and it is not America. Those of us here have made our Decision

American Freedoms are eroding at a blistering speed. Stay Asleep America and by the time you wake....
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