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With a little help from your friends.

If your price has been to high, your pain to great, your insanity to much, then make a choice.  Only "U" can take that First Step. People will be willing to help you with the Second Step.  Remember,  they are just as afraid of you, as you are of them.  One's ego, arrogance and false pride, has to be set  free. This is the only way to be released from the bondage of SELF.

There are many types of freedom...  Freedom can disappear in many different ways.  If you need freedom from yourself, we hope you can find some here.  Sometimes, we as people need a little bit of help.  It is easy, not that difficult, to get lost in life.  The difficulty is finding your way back.  Sometimes it is very difficult to get out of oneself and find that pathway to FREEDOM.

If you have someone you love, who is or is becoming a lost soul, we hope that you will find
some help here.  Here is a list of a few people that have paid the price of Membership.

With a little help
from your friends
Alcoholics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous

Sex Addicts Anonymous

If you have ever made a remark of the nature, like, I do not have a problem, well... you will see.
Just for the thought or remark to pass through your or someones mind, is a serious warning.
Do not wait until it is to late, because than it is tooooooo late.
The Reason, FREEDOMS Going Going Gone...
In Memory of my friends Michael R., John B., & Paul S.
whose pain got to them instead of help.
If we can be of any assistance or answer any questions, please feel free to let us know..

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